Cannot update or install workshop items for Arma 3

OS Name/Version: Debian 12

Product Name/Version: Arma 3

Problem Description:

Cannot download or update workshop mods to the server.
I’ve added the mods via the Amp GUI using their workshop ID’s eg 2501417720 from the url Steam Workshop::AutoCam
Using a dedicated Steam user for the server without Steamguard enabled and updating without the mod in the directory, I get the following error in the cli

 This task could not be completed: Installing Workshop Items... - Updating Arma 3 - State: 3.

Download item 2944181980 failed (Failure).workshop_download_item 107410 2791403093 validate

Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1 Add workshop item from its ID in the steam url into Instance>Configuration>Steamcmd & updates> Steam workshop items.

“Item IDs for steam workshop items that should be downloaded/updated when the main application is updated”

  • Step 2 Stop instace running and update
  • Step 3 Monitor Terminal output

Actions taken to resolve so far:

Tried adding the workshop files manually, but they won’t run using the descriptions provided in the web-gui. " Load Server Mods

Semicolon separated list (moddir1;moddir2) of server-side only mod directories to load (the mods are not broadcast to clients). ONE LINE ONLY! Specify simply the mod ID for any mods downloaded under SteamCMD and Updates. Otherwise, use mod directory paths relative to the server base directory or full paths. Alternatively, use the Startup Parameters File option"

Disabled steam guard for the dedicated steam user.

Tried adding the item as id=2944181980

Have checked other posts on the subject have not seen responses but go back to Nov’22