Cannot update AMP to 2.4.4

OS Name/Version: Dietpi v8.18.2 (Debian 11 | 8GB RAM ARM Cortex-A72)

Product Name/Version: AMP

Problem Description:
I cannot update my AMP instance to 2.4.4. When I click upgrade.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Press Update (Bottom left, yellow button)
  • Press Upgrade now
  • System becomes unreachable and restarts
  • nothing changed, still and an update button

Actions taken to resolve so far:

  • reinstalled AMP
  • ampinstmgr upgradeall (as AMP user)
  • ampinstmgr upgrade ADS (as AMP user)
  • sudo apt upgrade ampinstmgr (Gives: ampinstmgr is already the newest version (

2.4.4 isn’t available for ARM systems. 2.4.5 will be the next version that is.

That explains it.

How would I go about setting up a Minecraft Bedrock server that runs on then? Because when I create an instance now it complains that ADS is not up to date.

You can right click on the instance and click Manage in New Tab to bypass that check.

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To be able to manage it, the said instance needs to run. At which point it says:

This instance is newer than this ADS installation, which is version This instance is version Please update ADS.

Yes, once it’s running right click the instance and click Manage in New Tab.

Sorry, I meant that I cannot start it. It gives the error in my previous post.

I cannot manage it because it will not start.

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