Cannot Merge License Accounts

OS Name/Version: Opensuse Leap 15.3

Product Name/Version: AMP

Problem Description:

I bought another 5 licenses using a PayPal account with a different email than my old account. I attempted to merge the new AMP account into the old one, but I got the “Does not meet merge requirements” box.

I believe my accounts meet the merge requirements:
Both in same country (United States)
Both have same name (My own legal name)
Both were logged into in the past hour from the same IP address, my own
I don’t, to my knowledge, have any issues with my old account

Is this just because the new account is has not met an age requirement?

Steps to reproduce:

Buy AMP on two different PayPal accounts in the same region
Log in using both emails
Attempt to merge one with another

Actions taken to resolve so far:
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