Cannot Load Instance Management

OS Name/Version: Management

Product Name/Version:

Problem Description: When trying to manage an instance AMP is unable to load the page. When trying to load I get the following console output.

Managed remote instance test01 at
Authentication token for Admin requested by ManageInstance on behalf of Admin
LIM - Failure to make API call to test01: The operation was canceled.
Slow method invocation: Servers took 100001ms to complete.
Slow response: ADSModule.Servers took 100002ms to complete.

Actions taken to resolve so far: I have so far ensure that the port forwarding is enabled. It is also working, I can access the http://–IP–:8085 however after logging into the page it loads infinitely.
I have the same setup on two other machines and it works perfectly, I am not sure what else I can do. I had the same issue when the AMP Service Port Ranges were set to deafult. (Currently set to 8085:8090)

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