Can I install a Controller and target on the same Physical Machine?

OS Name/Version: Windows 11

Product Name/Version: AMP

Problem Description: Just wondering if it is possible to install a AMP Controller and an AMP target on the same server

as I noticed in the deployment modes that the hybrid mode its not recommended.

the setup i was looking at is

Server 1 - Controller and Target
Server 2 - Target

Or would I be better running the below setup
Server 1 - Hybrid Mode
Server 2 - Target

Steps to reproduce: na

Actions taken to resolve so far: na

In most cases Hybrid is generally fine, and it’s pretty easy to switch from a hybrid-target setup to a controller-target-target setup if it does become an issue.

The only method I can think of would be to have the controller in some sort of virtual machine, as the installations of AMP would be isolated with separate local IP addresses. Downside to this is the extra learning involved. As a note though, a Linux install running an AMP controller can run with only 1 GB of RAM dedicated to it.

Someone please correct me if I’ve missed a more obvious solution.

Edit: If this is an actual production server in a datacentre, disregard my answer, as it would probably be more beneficial to have the controller in a cheap VPS.

Ok thanks ill use the hybrid mode then
no this is 2 personal servers located at home and I’m setting up a second target machine