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  1. How long have you been using AMP?
  2. Roughly how many game servers do you manage using AMP?
  3. What games are you mostly using AMP to run?
  4. What first attracted you to AMP?
  5. If you switched from another admin panel/server manager to AMP - what was it that made you change?
  6. What’s your favorite feature in AMP?
  7. How would you like us to attribute you? (If different from your forum username, e.g. a @twitter handle, /u/reddit account, or other social media handle)

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Lets work from the top and down sha’ll we :smiley:

  1. About 3-4 months I belive.
  2. 2 (Two)
  3. I’m currently running a Minecraft server (15 active people) and V-Rising (5 active people).
  4. The possibility to make users so the people wanting me to host game servers for them can log in to the control panel and restart, update etc on their own without calling me at all hours.
  5. No, I did not use any other Server manager than running the Game server software on a dedicated server computer and logging in to check with Teamviewer. What made me change is the fact that I dont like sharing my teamviewer password and getting called at 4AM where they ask if the server is down xD
  6. The feature I love the most must be the possibility to have several users so the people that play Minecraft can have 1 user to control the server, and the people for V-Rising use a diffrent login to manage their server. Its easy to run updates (A bit clunky on minecraft as you need to update 3 diffrent things and get the new JAR file first but easy to understand how).
  7. I dont want any attribute. You guys wanted a honest answer and I enjoy using your service. I did my research before going for a server tool and yours came out at top. If you have more questions I’d love to answer more so I guess you can reply to Feros#0267 on your discord server :slight_smile:

Have a great day and thanks alot for the service you provide :slight_smile:

AMP has been great. After using this product for a year, I have found that AMP provides so much control over what I want from a server manager. Over the year, I have been able to host MineCraft, Project Zomboid, V Rising and GTA (RP). Each of these servers were fully under my control, allowing me to feel safe when it came to security and configurations. MineCraft has been the primary focus for servers, having two Modded and one Vanilla+. PingPerfect and CreeperHost have their positives, but they don’t give the type of control that AMP gives.

There are two things that really stand out for me, instance control and file editing syntax. The ability to control multiple instances without them interfering with each other is great. I can run a MineCraft server and a V Rising server on the same Linux machine and fully control them individually. While controlling them, I have to edit files and being able to edit a JSON and the syntax is correct. It makes reading and editing the files much easier, saving tons of time.


Hello, here are my two cents :slight_smile:

  1. Its going to be over 3 years i believe.
  2. 20 game server at the moment
  3. Minecraft, 7 Days to Die, Factorio, ARK, Space Engineers
  4. Simple setup, rather friendly design and functionality
  5. AMP was mi first choice after reading up on multiple managers
  6. This is hard but for my personal use i get the most use from the Scheduler, can automate most of my maintenance tasks that need to be done regularly without any workarounds.
  7. /u/Dymas-CZ

Application Control Manger

After a lot of searching for the best server management panel, I stumbled across this amazing software by Cubecoders.
Operating our own server network is really hard and has its own set of problems.
also, team management and access control are annoying &
cost a lot of development time.
AMP, makes it easy to manage, create, edit, and maintain game servers.

Our Exspirance

We are using AMP for the last 3 months and it’s been a life-changer! :love_letter:
AMP doesn’t have any hidden fees & or limits on a lot of things that should be free from the beginning, most other competing management panels have a lot of hidden fees. :money_with_wings:
Also, the installation just works… no need to overcomplicate things with a lot of preparation… just like installing any other software on the PC. This is a huge game-changer :smiley:
Because some panels have so many other things that you need to set up before you can access your panel (MySQL database, NPM packages, some add-ons…) :confounded:
2FA & security, Well if you know something about passwords is that they can be craked or leaked somewhere and its dangerous esspshily if that developer has access to critical function or data. :technologist:
AMP, has so many security features witch meant to protect your dashboard & team from most of the known attackers (ex: Brute Force Attack) by incorporating nice fetures like 2FA, DDOS protection, limitations, IP whitelisting, and much more! :key:
Instance deployment and management, the soul fact that you have over 20+ supported games is just mind-blowing :boom:
managing the Instances is so simple even a non-dev person can understand what’s going on, all the things you need are just laid out for you.
Just fill out the fields and you are done. :dove:

Our Game Servers

We are using AMP to mannge our intres comunity game network, here are some stats :smiley:

Our Servers

7 Minecraft Servers
4 FiveM Servers
2 Up Comming Rust Servers
and 5 Planned servers for CSGO
And More Are Comming soon in the Q4 of 2022 :ocean:

Our Team

We have a team of 15 amazing devs that are working around the clock on the servers and are using the pannel everywhere… and so far no problems. It simply just works.

Discord Bot Integration :call_me_hand:

This is one of the amazing features that AMP has and it helps us to see & control quickly our servers

Best Things about AMP

The Best thing is the auto-restart and the sleep mode, the sleep mode cuts our power bill by 34% percent which is important and is good for the environment. :green_apple:
The auto-restart is a lifesaver because sometimes a server might fail or crash when under load or something is happening AMP quickly restarts the server and all the players can get back in like nothing has ever happened.
BackUp, is also amazing and works with no problems.

Personal Note :label:

Thanks, Cubecodes for making an amazing piece of software, and for the fast support & help :laughing:

thefourCraft, COO on @IMS_Network
Twitter: @network_ims

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  1. How long have you been using AMP?
    Since 2016
  2. Roughly how many game servers do you manage using AMP?
    Around 10
  3. What games are you mostly using AMP to run?
    Minecraft, 7d2d, factorio
  4. What first attracted you to AMP?
    I was going to purchase mcmyadmin to manage my Minecraft servers and saw the new AMP being developed and purchased instead, it has been an awesome way to host servers since
  5. If you switched from another admin panel/server manager to AMP - what was it that made you change?
  6. What’s your favorite feature in AMP?
    I love having a web based server manager for my games, over the years the improvement to the installation process on Linux and how ampinstmgr is now built into path instead of being run from directory.
    The developer is an awesome guy :wink:
  7. How would you like us to attribute you? (If different from your forum username, e.g. a @twitter handle, /u/reddit account, or other social media handle)
    As “Coolfeather2”

Sometimes it’s kinda poop, sometimes you really hate it.

But it’s still way better than all the other solutions.

What have you found frustrating about AMP? Can you give some examples?

I’ve been using amp for around 3 or so years. I made the switch to get away from using the Linux command line utilities to manage my game servers and are running between 2 to 4 game servers (mostly 7 Days To Die and modded Minecraft). With todays world, security is important. AMP manages everything securely as possible (two factor auth, https, etc.). Even when a game like 7 Days To Die uses a very insecure protocol (telnet) AMP changes the password every startup to ensure telnet it isn’t comprised. The ability to schedule daily restarts and backups of the game servers is also a much needed feature. The more I learn about what AMP can do just reinforces my decision to use it for all of my gaming needs.

The remember me button has never worked for me :slightly_frowning_face:

  1. It varies, i run between 3 to 9 game servers on my own local hardware, within a VM.
  2. It started off with Minecraft, then modded minecraft, then we just started going down the list. 7 days to Die, Terraria, ARK, Gmod. I think it would be easier to list the games we have not hosted then those that we have.
  3. I had been using McMyAdmin, and in looking up how to do something i came across the development of AMP, i watched from the shodows for a bit while it was coming to fruition, after it had started to gather some speed I made the jump and we got our first license for AMP.
  4. I had been using McMyAdmin for Minecraft, but for other games I was using a mash of different options. What pushed me over the edgs was having server fail due to an update, players don’t like starting fresh, and I am not fond of people complaing.
  5. This is a two pronged answer. The main thing I like about AMP is software based, based on design. I can spin up a game instance, and have players on in about 4 minutes + download time. I don’t have to mess with config files (for the most part). The second thing I like most in regard to AMP is the people i have been connected to because of it. The discord mods/support. The find people who have put in the time to help others with problems here and there, the people who have been creating generous generic modules for new games, or adding functionality to games already in the codebase of AMP. These people have been fantastic and to this point have very much become friends. The wealth of knowledge between them is absolutely astounding.
  6. roeulogy

Son wanted a Minecraft Server, but I wanted something more scalable for other games in the future, while I’m still at the minecraft server level it’s nice to know that I’ll have support for more games in AMP when he wants more game servers. Setting up has been EASY. It is running very stable on older hardware. The integration with minecraft, all the different servers types, and plugins is made easy. I tried several other minecraft server management servers, the free ones didn’t offer a real streamlined setup, AMP was simple. Just too simple, from install, updating, setting up the server, adding plugins etc. REAL Simple. It is worth every penny. Keep doing what you do CubeCoders. I’m a fan.

  1. How long have you been using AMP? 1 Month
  2. Roughly how many game servers do you manage using AMP? 15 Minecraft: 7, Terraria: 2, ARK: 2, Valheim: 1, Zomboid: 1, 7 Days to Die: 1, GMod: 1.
  3. What games are you mostly using AMP to run? Whatever my friends and I are playing at the time. Most of them are Minecraft running off a bungeecord hub.
  4. What first attracted you to AMP? The ability to let my friends see the status of any server running on my server PC without needing to remote desktop into it. Also having a usable GUI for people who struggle to understand command prompts and INI files.
  5. If you switched from another admin panel/server manager to AMP - what was it that made you change? AMP is the only server manager I’ve used. Did some research on a few and it seemed like the most robust.
  6. What’s your favorite feature in AMP? Multiple users with a decent permissions system. Sleep mode is also really clutch.
  7. How would you like us to attribute you? (If different from your forum username, e.g. a @twitter handle, /u/reddit account, or other social media handle) LkMMoDC

I initially set up my server PC on a LTSB Windows 10 install with some functions stripped from the ISO. I did this so my friends could remote in and create or edit servers when I’m offline. Giving remote access to a PC on my home network is just asking for a bad time. So I searched various control panel software and AMP seemed like the best option. Now that my friends don’t need remote access through Windows I can move the server PC to a stable release of Debian.

My server PC’s specs are:
CPU: R9 3900XT undervolted to 1.1V
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1650 OC Low Profile
RAM: 128GB (4x 32GB) Timetec @2660MHz CL19
SSD: 500GB WD SN570
HDD: 10+ year old 500GB Seagate drive.
Mobo: Gigabyte B450 Aorus M
Cooler: be quiet! Shadow Rock LP
Chassis: Rosewill RSV-Z2600U
Power Supply: Corsair HX850i

I plan on upgrading the SSD to a 4TB SN750 and adding an ~8-14TB IronWolf or Red drive if I find one on sale for a decent price.

The GUI is incredible. Anyone I’ve given access to has figured out how to create and manage servers pretty quickly. I’m running out of storage due to how server happy my friends have gotten. That was my goal. Increase the variety of games we play and have the ability to have a game server up in less than 5 minutes. The generic module is great. I set up a killing floor(first one) server for my friends using it. There’s just an incredible amount of versatility.

My only main gripe is the inability to make whatever user creates a server instance be the only one with permissions to manage it. Right now if a user with a low level role creates an instance anyone else can edit it. This means I can’t create accounts for some of my friends since giving them access to my control panel would also give them access to everyones instances. I know I can remove instances from their role but this requires me to be online. If friend 1 creates an instance while I’m offline friend 2 would have free reign until I got on. Having instances generate with only the user who created it having access to it (plus admins, an instance all permission would be good for the super admin role) would fix this. Then they can add anyone to that instances permissions if they want that user to have access.

  1. How long have you been using AMP?
    3 years
  2. Roughly how many game servers do you manage using AMP?
  3. What games are you mostly using AMP to run?
  4. What first attracted you to AMP?
    McMyAdmin is not updated
  5. If you switched from another admin panel/server manager to AMP - what was it that made you change?
    McMyAdmin is not updated
  6. What’s your favorite feature in AMP?
  1. We’ve been using AMP for about two years now, and will continue for years to come!
  2. Our network runs about 10 game servers with AMP.
  3. Our main game is Minecraft, standing at six servers. The other four servers are Gmod.
  4. AMP really stood out as a better option among all of the available game panels. Between compatibility with game server types (and more being added often!) and its overall bug-free and stable environment, it was the choice for us!
  5. We tried some free/open source panels, such as Pterodactyl, but I believe the stability AMP provides supersedes that of Pterodactyl or any other panel.
  6. My favorite feature in AMP is its ease of use. Though it has powerful features built into it, just about anybody with basic server knowledge can use it!
  8. AMP helped our server tremendously, and for that we are forever grateful. Thank you and keep up the good work!

How long have you been using AMP?
-6 years

Roughly how many game servers do you manage using AMP?
-4-5 usually

What games are you mostly using AMP to run?
-Currently: Minecraft, Multiple Ark Maps, CoreKeeper, Empyrion

What first attracted you to AMP?
-Ease of use, I was looking for a Linux web based server manager and found AMP, I have loved it since first install

If you switched from another admin panel/server manager to AMP - what was it that made you change?
-I was just starting a personal server, I did some research and found the best(AMP), so haven’t had to try any others.

What’s your favorite feature in AMP?
-Ease of use, everything is very structured and easy to figure out.

Comments: I have setup/re-installed a few times over the 6 years I have been running it, it has been great, easy install, easy config, if there were any software issues, the admin was always quick to fix it. Also if I had any server specific issues, I have been able to ask on the support forums and been answered right away. AMP has been solid and I really enjoy using it.