Brad new server ubuntu 22.04

hello everyone, I have a brand new dedicated server I want to install amp on it I would like to know what is best to put on the server that I am going to create a minecraft server with. Thank you for your help

Do you want to create a Minecraft server and more under Ubuntu 22.04?
Here is some information that might interest you.

In my scenario, a fresh Ubuntu 22.04 was set up with root rights

First, perform a system update. To do this, open the terminal with the software of your choice
(my choice is Solar-PuTTY)

Run the command

apt update && apt upgrade -y

(Optional) We install Webmin (if you don’t need webmin skip to the next post)
Good management of the OS for longer enjoyment! I use Webmin for this.
-resource overview
-User managment
-database like MariaDB
And much more.

For install Webmin under Ubuntu 22.04 run the follow commands:
(All information u can finde here → h-ttps://

apt install vim apt-transport-https curl wget software-properties-common
wget cat jcameron-key.asc | gpg --dearmor | sudo tee /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/jcameron-key.gpg >/dev/null
add-apt-repository “deb sarge contrib”
apt install webmin
ufw allow 10000 #open firewall for webmin
systemctl status webmin #check webmin status

Now u can reach Webim under:

serverip:10000 in ur browser

Use root name and root passwort for login

After this we can install AMP

We install AMP

1.Run the commands

apt update && apt upgrade -y
bash <(wget -qO-

2.The AMP installation guides you through simple steps
All information u can finde here → cubecoders/AMP/Install
In my case I use these settings:
Installation Summary:

AMP System user: To be created
Instance Manager: To be installed
HTTPS setup: Yes ← example.domain.xy for subdomain
Install Java: Yes
Install 32-bit libraries: Yes
Install Docker: Yes

3.Now u can reach AMP under:

serverip:8080 in ur browser

4.Enter the username and password you set up previously and Follow the install manager

#Congratulations, you are now ready to start a server instance like Minecraft.
#if you have any problems, let me know.

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