Barotrauma Guide

This article sets out some key basic information for running a Barotrauma server on AMP.

1. File locations

1.1 Linux

Saves are stored in the Daedalic Entertainment GmbH/Barotrauma directory in the server base directory. This is specific to each instance.

1.2 Windows

On Windows saves are stored in %LocalAppData%\Daedalic Entertainment GmbH\Barotrauma. In AMP this means \Windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Daedalic Entertainment GmbH\Barotrauma.

It is not possible to force the server to store saves in the instance datastore. However, to make them accessible in AMP, the directory is linked into the datastore.

The storage location on Windows means however that all Barotrauma servers on the same host will use the same location. To prevent conflicts, ensure that a different name is used on each server.

2. Mods

2.1 Installing/updating

The “Steam workshop items” option under the SteamCMD and Updates menu is used to download and update mods on the server.

Specify each mod to be downloaded and updated by adding its workshop item ID, such as 2847437196. Each workshop item ID has to be added separately. Order doesn’t matter.

The mods will be downloaded and updated whenever the server is updated.

The mod files are downloaded to the directory steamapps/workshop/content/602960, in separate directories. They will also be linked to the LocalMods directory in the server base directory.

2.2 Loading

To load mods, they need to be specified in the config_player.xml file in the server base directory.

Find the section <regularpackages /> under <contentpackages>.

Then edit it so that it looks like this:

       <package path="LocalMods/2847437196/filelist.xml" />
       <package path="LocalMods/2900879567/filelist.xml" />

Each package line sets the path for a mod in the LocalMods directory that you want to load, as identified by its workshop item ID.