Backup Rotation

Is it possible to use the scheduler to rotate backups? I see an option to take a backup, but no way to remove or move old ones.

Basically my Rust server took backups every couple hours for 3 days until it hit it’s backup limit and just stopped taking backups completely which is horrible. I incorrectly assumed there would be some way to remove backups over X age with a task, but nothing that I can find.

Ideally you would have some way to enter a prefix when taking a scheduled backup, so you could have like daily-generatedBackupName and then you could have a task that says remove any backup over X days starting with daily-*. You could then have an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, whatever rotation of backups by creating separate tasks for each time period and removing anything over a certain age prior to taking a new backup.

Type “backups” into AMPs top right search box and see “Backup replacement Policy”

Thank you. I did actually search in the wiki and there is no “backup” category beyond “exclusions”.

You don’t need to search the wiki, it’s just in AMPs settings.

Yes, I saw it there after I searched. I just started in Amp on the Backups screen after realizing it wasn’t deleting old backups. Then went to scheduled tasks to see if I could find a way to manually setup a task to rotate the backups. I couldn’t find anything and so I checked the wiki and discourse and wasn’t able to find anything.

I just didn’t think to look in settings, which I will do in the future. I know there are backup settings, just not what they are without looking. Maybe a link can be added to the backups page to the backup settings to make it more obvious to check there if you have an issue.

Also, in the configuration on an instance, the “category” name is “Performance and Limits”, but every setting appears to be about just backups. I would assume “Performance and Limits” refers to system performance like Ram and CPU availability, etc, not backups.

That’s why you can type “backups” into AMPs search box to see where the settings are :slight_smile: