Assetto Corsa Server Config Import

Hi folks, Wondering if this exists.

Is there a way to import a previously made server config into the AMP console so the settings tab correctly displays the updated config?

I tend to build all my server configs through content manager as the UI makes it easier.


The template will have to be updated to accommodate. Atm the import feature is a bit buggy tho

So there is an import feature?

As of very recently, yes.

The AC template has been updated to use it - update your instance from the AMP UI (from the main instance screen). Then when you manage the instance you will be able to right click on the file to import it into the settings.

As I said, though, it’s a bit buggy atm - eg it will probably report the wrong number of settings imported, and the UI won’t show the imported settings until the browser is refreshed (and then they still might not show).

Ok, little bit confused, instances say they’re up to date (Version - 20240417.1). Do I right click the server_cfg.ini or do I right click the zip that content manager exports it as?

Nvm I figured it out

Definitely buggy saying 0 imports and after multiple refreshes it’s still not showing.

But good to see work is being made towards it.

Thanks for your help!

Do the settings stick in the file at least?

Not currently. If you want I am more than willing to provide logs.

A useful thing in the mean time might be to make a box that makes it so AMP doesn’t try to override the settings.

Could be an issue with file perms? How did you add the config to your server?

Feel free to raise an issue on GH with your experiences of importing. I’ve mentioned the bugginess to Mike but others raising issues might get it looked at, since more and more people are wanting this to work.

I moved the file in through windows explorer. I will try to have the file moved in through the actual amp client.

Importing the file through the AMP client did not work still says imported 0 and none of the settings have changed.

Yeah, never use windows explorer for amp files as the file perms will be broken

Well now I’m getting weird crashes whenever anyone tries to join.

Don’t know if anyone here can help. lol

Ok I figured out something is breaking when I import settings, also changing cars in the settings is not changing the entry list for some reason.