Assetto Corsa not working

Assetto Corsa does not seem to work through AMP. I was struggling on figuring out why. First thing I noticed was I didn’t have anything in the directory for the instance. I found you need to go to Manage for said instance, and make sure to hit Update. After giving steam login, it finally downloaded the files. It seems that trying to change the ports in AMP didn’t work until after a restart? Even after changing the ports in the config file for AC and the ports in AMP, the ports aren’t active. Running the server from the .bat in the instance folder seems to work just fine, and the server is fully functional. I don’t know what AMP is using to launch the instance, but it doesn’t seem to be working correctly. Any ideas?

This should be under Tech Support, not questions. Please re post in the correct category, supplying all the required information.

Thanks. Moving to tech support.