Assetto Corsa Instance not Working

OS Name/Version: Windows 11 Pro

Product Name/Version: v2.4.1.2

Problem Description: Instance not working through AMP. Double checked port forwarding. When running instance, ports for Assetto Corsa aren’t active/passing traffic. When running .bat for server in the instance folder, everything works like expected and ports see traffic.

Steps to Reproduce:
Create instance for Assetto Corsa.
Launch instance.
Manage instance and Update so it downloads files from Steam.
Configure server config file in instance folder for Assetto Corsa.

Actions taken to resolve so far:
Double checked port forwarding on router.
Checked with Windows firewall enabled/disabled.
Made sure instances were up to date.
Double checked ports in config file.
Changed ports in AMP for instances.
Run .bat from instance folder to make sure config was working.

Running the instance via the batch file is not recommended as it can change file permissions, causing issues for AMP to run the server.

Also, most of the settings for server_cfg.ini are in AMP’s UI, and need to be set from there rather than directly in the file.

Share the logs for the instance - right click, View Logs.

Both Game Port and HTTP Port need to be forwarded to the server to enable the server to register as a public (internet) server with the master server, otherwise the server will not start in that mode.