Arma3 instance not downloading files

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 18.04

Product Name/Version: Halimede
Problem Description:

Just got this program so not sure how it behaves.

Just created instance of Arma3, status says its running, don’t see any errors in console. It seems it is not downloading the program.

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Steps to reproduce:

 * Step 1  fresh install of AMP
 * Step 2  Create an instance of Arma3
 * Step 3  checked for any network activity and it showing idle, not much data moved

Actions taken to resolve so far:  Deleted instance and recreated it, no change

You need to manage the instance and click Update to install the server

Ok, the instance was stopped and was updated and restarted, but no change in data downloading. In the manage section, it does have “Application State: Installing components” showing but that has been there for hours. Firewall has been disabled. Appreciate the response

Anything in the console inside the instance? That is, after managing it.

Also check the logs - right on the instance from the main panel screen, click View Logs

Don’t see any issues in the console and the logs look like normal results, thanks

That’s not particularly helpful. How about posting them? Do they show steam downloading the server?

Sorry about that, log4 does show that it loaded the steamcmdplugin


I will go back to my original question. Double click the instance to manage it, then click Update to install the server

Yes, this has been done a few times. I’m going to have to get off for a while but certainly appreciate your help and time. Also was thinking if this is a steam issue? I’ve never been asked about creds for steam. Thanks again

Well, the log you provided shows none of that. Select the latest log when you clicked Update to install the server

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