Arma Reforger template update

What’s new?

Update 28 July: the stable branch of the server is now on v0.9.9

For those running Arma Reforger servers, a major update to the AMP template was made today. This is to accommodate breaking config changes made by the AR devs that are currently in transition phase and will become mandatory with the upcoming v0.9.9 release.

The AMP template now handles all config settings through the UI. This may require users who have previously made manual changes to server.json (such as to list mods or mission headers) to translate those changes into the UI.

To get the updated template and apply it to an existing AR instance, follow the instructions below. Once the server is updated, check the Server Settings to ensure that all settings are configured as desired. The old server.json will be preserved (but not used), to assist with translating manual changes to the UI.

To get the latest template:

  1. Go to Configuration->Instance Deployment and Fetch Latest. (Do this on controller and targets if using that setup)
  2. For existing instances - right click the instance and Refresh Configuration.
  3. Manage the instance and update the game server inside the instance using the Update button.