ARK uses a port range. Setting up 2 instances won't allow players to connect to the second

I was going to have this as a technical support thread but it requires me to fill in steps for reproducing the issue which I already solved. Basically if you have 2 ARK instances running, and one is on port 7777, and the second is on port 7778 the one on 7778 won’t work since the first one takes up a range from 7777-7778 by default. To fix this the second instance needs to be on port 7779. With this setup the first instance would be ports 7777-7778, and the second instance would be 7779-7780.

This can be fixed by having AMP auto generate ARK using a 2 port range. This will also fix compatibility errors with Terraria instances being created after an ARK instance since they use the same default port.

Figured I would leave this feedback since ARK is officially listed as supported software on your main sales page.

More game options in the default ARK instance manager would also be nice. I know they can be added through the custom settings widget but having them all laid out would be easier for my friends who want to edit the server when I’m offline.
A complete list of server options can be found here: Server configuration - ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki


This is actually a known issue. There’s an issue on GitHub to allow port ranges that is in the works soon. Mike just redid the entire ports mechanism to allow it actually! So should be in an update coming soonish.