ARK: Survival Ascended Server, No connection through public IP

OS Name/Version:
Windows 11

Product Name/Version:
Ark: Survival Ascended, Latest update, no mods.
AMP is updated to latest.

Problem Description:
Can’t access server through public IP,
local IP connection works fine (192.169.x.x:7777 -

Minecraft ATM7 works fine and can be found through ‘YouGetSignal’ when open.

console is mostly blank and unremarkable.

Steps to reproduce:
1. start instance and server
2. attempt connection through public IP, no connection
3. Connect through local IP, connect fine

Actions taken to resolve so far:
Created rules in firewall including all used ports
Ensured windows registry items allowed port forwarding (Has been disabled before…)
Attempted following other similar support problems steps to resolve, unsure what final comment was referring to.

AMP is massively outdated. Please update.

Should never trust an up-to-date message… will update now.

AMP is updated to
Still no online connectivity.
Attempting to join from PC Gamepass version of ARK: SA if that is at all relevant.

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