Ark ascended software

Please let me know when Ark Ascended Dedicated Software will be amiable via AMP?

Linux Debian 11

AMP Latest


There is no publicly available dedicated server for ARK: Survival Ascended at this time.

Wildcard just posted “Steam DRM has been disabled Ark: Survival Ascended dedicated server anonymous depot has been made available”. Is this what is needed?

Yeah its now publicly available so a server template would be awsome for setting things up better :smiley:

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one is in the works as we speak right now, if you would like to help test it, come to the discord and join the ark-se channel

Greelan and I are already on top of it.

Just joined the discord how do i go about testing it?

I don’t see the ark-se channel. Where do I find it?

It’s now just called ark. They changed the channel name last night

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