Ark and Conan admin passwords

OS Name/Version: Windows 10 Pro

Product Name/Version: AMP Release “Triton”
v2.3.4, built 16/06/2022 16:08

Problem Description:
How can we Ark and Conan server admin passwords to be static (not autogenerated every server restart) without an SSL?

They can’t. HTTPS is mandatory for static passwords.

That, or you have to be in the AMP server’s desktop and connect using Note: this is a browser requirement, not AMP.

If I connect localhost and set a static password will it persist through server restarts?
This doesn’t seem to work. How is this a browser requirement and not the software itself?

It should persist using that Generate button, yes. It’s a browser requirement because the password is passed between your PC and server to allow it to copy to your clipboard and save in the server’s config. AMP doesn’t control that (although best practices would say AMP still should do that). The browser knows if you’re on the same PC as the server when using local host/ and bypasses that check since the data isn’t sent over any networks.

Note that what you circled is the Admin password used in game. The only thing AMP sets randomly on each startup normally is the RCON password which is different.

I gotta say this is incredibly inconvenient for Conan where our admins have to type that generated password every single time they need to do admin stuff, which is all the time with the large community we have. There has to be a better solution! Why is AMP coded to generate its own admin password instead of letting the instance owners set what they want as an option? That isn’t a browser doing it. Thats AMP generating and overwriting in the .ini files

RCON is an insecure protocol with zero encryption or protection of any kind, your password is sent as plain text. So AMP generates the password for users to make both password reuse and weak passwords impossible. You should use a password locker so that anyone who needs it can simply copy the password out of it and paste it again. AMP is always security first.