Any home network guru's here? I need advice

I have a controller server running 2 targets, I can manage and boot new servers just fine from the controller, everything seems too boot normally, but I’m not able to see my server or connect via IP. I have the ports added to the firewall and through my router as well. i even went as far as fully disabling the firewall to see if i can reach the server but no luck. I have a OVH rented machine outside of this setup I used to test my config and i am able to connect to the server, so i’m pretty sure it’s to do with my home network blocking it, but I am not sure where else to look for this, as mentioned i’ve forwarded ports in the ISP’s router, and completly disabled the firewall on the Server Computers to test if that was the issue… no luck

Machines are running windows server 2022, and have a 3GB connection shared between them. my setup goes as such

ISP router 10G out to a managed switch, switch then runs to each server, (I have also checked the switch to see if there was port blocking happening but there was not)

specifically the game i’m trying to boot is palworld, but i’m also having this issue with enshrouded, I assume the issue would persist on other games and it’s a networking issue on my end.

I use a website to see if the ports are open. Port Scanner

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