AMP won't start, local host ( not available

OS Name/Version: Windows 11

Product Name/Version: AMPSetup.msi

Problem Description: Every time I try to start the “AMP Instance Manager” and the web interface tries to start, it can’t connect to the local host address/ it isn’t available. The first time I installed it, it worked.

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Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1: Install the AMPSetup.msi
  • Step 2: Start the program
  • Step 3

Actions taken to resolve so far: reinstalled, repaired, deactivated firewall, installed in another path

Looks like AMP isn’t running. What’s the output of ampinstmgr status in the command prompt?

[Info] AMP Instance Manager v2.4.6.6 built 05/10/2023 11:57
[Info] Stream: Mainline / Release - built by CUBECODERS/buildbot on CCL-DEV
Instance Name │ Friendly Name │ Module │ IP │ Port │ Up
←]8;; ←]8;; │ ADS │ ADS │ │ 8080 │ V
←]8;; ←]8;; │ MC_1 │ Minecraft │ │ 8081 │

Empty out your TEMP directory and reboot.

Emptied the windows temp and rebooted. Still, can’t access

Is this an old installation that was upgraded at some point? I notice your ADS installation has a different name from normal.

I installed it today. I never had another version installed.

Ah wait the name is fine - you’re just using the old command prompt.

What do you get if you run ampinstmgr lastlog ADS ?

[14:52:54] [AMPService Info] : Starting AMPService version (Decadeus), built 05/10/2023 11:56
[14:52:54] [AMPService Info] : Stream: Mainline / Release - built by CUBECODERS/buildbot on CCL-DEV
[14:52:54] [GSMyAdmin Warning] : Current time zone is set to Mitteleuropäische Zeit - It is recommended you switch to UTC+0 to avoid time-zone related issues
[14:52:54] [AMPService Info] : OS: Windows / x86_64
[14:52:54] [AMPService Info] : CPU: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-12700 (12C/20T)
[14:52:54] [AMPService Info] : RAM: 65309MB
[14:52:54] [AMPService Info] : AMP Instance ID: 040047f0-095c-4a3a-9f39-f22bf65ef468

In the command prompt, can you run ampinstmgr restart ADS01 please and see if that wakes it up?

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