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OS Name/Version: Windows 10 Pro 22H2

Product Name/Version:

Problem Description: When creating a new user from WHMCS to AMP the user is created but an email is never sent with the amp username/password to the user. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be routed through AMP itself or with one of the email templates in WHMCS. If it is an email template in WHMCS, are there entries I can put in the template that will provide the AMP generated username and password into the email?

Steps to reproduce:

  • Order new sever through WHMCS using a new user
  • Complete checkout
  • Sever and user is created but no email is sent with user info

Actions taken to resolve so far: Attempted to modify the welcome email in WHMCS with common flags for supplying the username and generated password with no luck.

This is done on the WHMCS side, WHMCS generates the login details and is responsible for sending them to the user. AMP isn’t involved in this part of the process. The template should be called “AMP Welcome Email” and the fields are the normal WHMCS fields: serverusername and serverpassword

What am I missing here? I made an “AMP Welcome Email” template and put {$serverusername} and {$serverpassword} in the template and when it is sent it doesn’t fill in either the username or the password.

Which version of the module are you using? Are you using the version from Github?

Yes. I am using the latest version from the GitHub.

Apologies, it’s service_username and service_password

So this is what I have in my template currently:


I’ve tried this with and without the brackets and either way, it doesn’t work. Am I formatting this wrong?

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