AMP 'Triton' 2.3 Release Notes

2point3Release Release

AMP focuses on a handful of minor bug fixes, new functionality for Generic - and 3 brand new application configuations.

Added Games

  • Pavlov VR
  • Stationeers
  • Unturned

Updated game configurations

  • Astronner
  • Broke Protocol
  • Craftopia
  • Insurgency: Sandstorm

AMP Core

  • Certain process handling exceptions get passed up to their controlling module instead of being swallowed. Prevents certain types of crashes when AMP tries to start a process it doesn’t have permission to due to user damage to permissions.
  • Added timeouts to certain processes (such as chmod) to avoid certain IO related stalls.
  • Fixed a number of minor placement and layout issues.
  • Stylesheets are now versioned to prevent update-related layout issues.

Generic Module

  • No longer tries to disconnect RCON before shutting down the application, which prevented apps from shutting down if they required an RCON command to do so.
  • Added Telnet Login Format as a field to generic for apps that require (or don’t require) a command to login in addition to the details.
  • Added MD5_Upper and MD5_Lower password filters.
  • ExitString is now unescaped so you can use \n to input multiple lines.
  • Exit methods such as EndStream are now permitted for apps whose admin method isn’t STDIO so long as STDIN is redirected.
  • Implemented SkipIfEmpty on command line flags to omit values that don’t apply if they have no value.

Other Changes

  • [File Manager] The permitted extension lists for uploads/downloads is now exposed to the user interface.
  • [Backups] Added variable compression factors. Compression can be disabled entirely if desired to reduce CPU usage.
  • [AIM] Reactivations now have a timeout, and it will retry up to 5 times to reactivate should it fail due to minor network issues.
  • [FiveM/RedM] Added extra information on what to do if the module can’t determine the update URL.
  • [ADS] Template deployment no longer returns a fitness score of 0 on Network Edition. Release

AMP is in some ways a huge update. The UI changes alone could be their own set of release notes.

Many thanks to the CubeCoders community for their continued support, please give them your thanks for their continued contributions on generic templates to add support for even more games!

Added Games

  • Insurgency Standstorm
  • Alien Swarm: ReactiveDrop
  • Black Mesa

Updated game configurations

  • Craftopia
  • Don’t Starve Together
  • Project Zomboid
  • Risk of Rain 2
  • Space Engineers (Now powered by Generic, standalone module deprecated)

AMP Core

  • Completely new look and interface based on Material design principles. Dark theme is now the default. Too many individual items to list so you’ll just have to see for yourselves :slight_smile:
  • Fixed scheduler issues handling months longer than 28 days and the month list duplicating itself when editing/modifying triggers. Some triggers may need re-creating.
  • Fixed a crash on Process GetParent() if WMI stalls on Windows.
  • Disabled process metrics monitoring for processes that don’t need it. Saves significantly on CPU usage.
  • Added additional self-diagnostics handlers.
  • Plugin tabs now show in a consistent order, and the Support tab is now always the last.
  • Fixed an issue where modules that hide the status screen (ADS) didn’t show their replacement tab on login sometimes.
  • Merged lots of configuration categories togeter

Generic Module

  • Added .tar.bz2 to list of supported archive types on Linux
  • Allow template values to be used for update sources and startup executables.
  • Added $ExternalIP field for apps that require it.
  • Added update stages for startup, wait for start and shutdown.
  • Added support for transformed passowrds (some games require a hash of the password)
  • Universal Sleep no longer gets enabled unless the server was able to start within 25 seconds.
  • Fixed handling of RCON so that it’s processed the same way as console output.
  • Added RCONPlugin as a pre-load requirement rather than loading it after the fact.
  • Too many other small items to mention surrounding handling of configuration files and merging templates. Basically they work properly now.

Other Changes

  • Direct mode file manager uploads/downloads now honour the extensions list, same as API mode.
  • Updated the permitted character list for steam logins.
  • Right clicking empty space in the file manager shows “Create Directory” and “Download Here” options.
  • Applications are dequiesced if the backup fails to run.
  • Version and syncing issues in ADS addressed :slight_smile:
  • Service handling timeout increased to 10 seconds, fixes some setup issues on Windows.
  • Quickstart on Linux will open a browser if you’re using a desktop environment (not that this is common, but it’s a nice touch).
  • Added an option to change the compression level of Backups. Release

This is a big release, with 6 new supported games, the addition of template roles to Network Edition Standard, a significant overhaul of the Windows Instance Manager GUI - new Generic features including KVP merging with Automap and Template Merging!

Big thanks to the CubeCoders Community and especially to IceOfWraith for contributing these new configurations for everyone else to enjoy!

Full release notes:

New Game Support

  • Craftopia
  • Don’t Starve Together
  • Project Zomboid
  • Risk Of Rain 2
  • Starmade
  • Sven Coop.


  • Network Edition Standard can now use Template/Shared roles that apply across instances.
  • Fixed search results not showing for settings if their keyword is null.
  • Some general style/layout changes to make things look and feel nicer.
  • Fixed handling of checkboxes for modules with dynamic setting specifications (Generic)
  • Scheduler tasks now run asynchronously of their initial trigger. This fixes the issue where if all the tasks in a trigger take longer than 1 minute (especially if you use the Wait task) then the scheduler ends up running tasks in an unpredictable manner.

Generic Module

  • FetchURL and CopyFile now obey OverwriteExistingFiles.
  • Fixed XML merging with Automap.
  • Implemented KVP merging with Automap.
  • Implemented Template merging.
  • Added RCONConnectDelaySeconds and RCONConnectRetrySeconds settings.

Plugin/Module Changes

  • [7d2d] Fix some settings incorrectly being flagged as hidden.
  • [ADS] No longer syncs the auth server URL from controllers->targets if its set to localhost.
  • [ADS] Controllers now proxy requests to instances on remote targets via the remote ADS instance by default. It’s slightly slower than direct mode (which is still an option) but much easier to set up.
  • [ARMA 3] Setting for custom command line flags is now exposed to the UI.
  • [File Manager] Increased buffer size for SFTP server. Should improve transfer performance on some systems.
  • [File Manager] SFTP server now black-holes (doesn’t accept connections from) blacklisted IPs that previously would be ignored by the auth system.
  • [Firewall Manager] Added NFTables support.
  • [Minecraft] Added new settings and fixed bad default value for ResourcePackPrompt.
  • [Minecraft] Fixed a bug where saving local skin caches could crash the instance if the file was in use.
  • [Minecraft] Changed handling of AdditionalOpts to include a space.
  • [SteamCMD] Added some more workaround for SteamCMD bugs and tollerance for damaged data.

Instance Manager GUI

The GUI has been fairly significantly changed to reinforce that ADS is the tool to use in most situations.

  • Starting it while ADS is running will open ADS in a browser and not open the GUI at all.
  • Starting it with a configured but not-running ADS instance will warn you that you should be using ADS and offer to start it.
  • If you ignore this warning, then start ADS, then try to create an instance - it will open ADS in a browser and close the GUI.
  • After the first-time setup is complete and ADS is running, the GUI will exit.
  • If you cancel the first-time setup and there are no instances, the GUI will exit.
  • Starting ADS from the UI will automatically open ADS in a browser and immediately close the GUI.