AMP ‘Triton’ Release Notes

AMP ‘Triton’ Release Notes

This update is almost entirely a bugfix release with only minor feature changes. Notable changes include improved session handling between instances and better failure handling in the Generic module.

The easiest way to update (For both Windows and Linux) is to open a shell/command prompt and run:

ampinstmgr upgradeall

You can find the full guide on upgrading AMP here: How to update AMP to the latest version · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub


  • Significantly re-factored session handling. Only successful logins actually generate a session, and session management between controllers, targets and instances has been significantly improved and made much more reliable.
  • Authentication providers are now responsible for providing new session handles, and allow for sessions to have multiple origins (to handle reverse proxies better)

Generic Module

  • Extracting .tar(.gz) archives is now possible on Windows, so long as ‘tar’ is located in $PATH.
  • $PATH/executable is now a valid format to specify an executable to start if the main process is located in PATH. E.g. $PATH/node
  • Fixed startup failing/stalling/generally getting into a mess if the application used RCON but failed rapidly after starting.
  • Fixed file encoding handling to not assume the system has a sane default.
  • Fixed ‘NotInstalledCannotInstall’ update result not correctly terminating the startup process.


  • Now uses the branch name in the directory name when fetching third party sources.
  • Fixed -1 being assigned as a port allocation if the requested port was immediately out-of-range on the first attempt.
  • Added target ‘tags’ which will get matched by ‘RequiredTags’ in DeployTemplate. (Enterprise Feature)
  • Updated stock GMod config to have a different default map.

File Manager

  • Added Include in/Exclude from backups context menu item in addition to the side menu item.
  • SFTP activity updates the SessionLastActivity to avoid dropping SFTP sessions prematurely.
  • Fixed error popup when clicking on the SFTP server button on Firefox.
  • Added additional honeypot usernames.
  • Updated SFTP server component.

Other Changes

  • [Web request plugin] Fixed handling of Content-Type header.
  • [Minecraft Module] Updated download URL for Velocity.