AMP 'Triton' Release Notes

AMP ‘Triton’ Release Notes

This release adds support for 5 new games via community configuration contributions (Thanks to Greelan, IceOfWraith, stroskler and Moses!), and has a number of improvements to the first-time installation experience as well as a number of bug fixes and minor improvements.

For many of you this will be your first time upgrading AMP. Easiest way to do this is simply to run ampinstmgr upgradeall in a command prompt/ssh session (make sure to switch over to the amp user via su -l amp as root on Linux!)

New Game Support

  • Eco
  • Killing Floor 2
  • Mordhau
  • The Isle (Legacy)
  • Wurm Unlimited

AMP Core

  • Style and UX tweaks for both desktop and mobile.
  • Support for CPx2 on AArch64. Allows more servers to run on ARM64 hardware.
  • Added ability for search results to contain image thumbnails.
  • Added video tutorials to AMPs search.
  • Resetting a users password via command line flags also wipes their 2FA token.


  • First time setup has been improved to make AMPs usage clearer for new users, including two extra screens during the setup process.
  • Better handling for auth server URL in First Time Setup on Windows.
  • Added an ‘application not here?’ link in ADS to encourage users to explore more.
  • Fixed a concucurrency issue that could cause stalling when the frontend is under load.

Other Changes

  • Generic - New implementatiaon of OS_CLOSE on Windows that should work better in more situations.
  • Generic - Fixed handling of .tar.bz2 archives and file overwrites for CopyFilePath.
  • Generic - Changed how chat handling is done to tollerate applications that don’t (properly) report user join/leaves.
  • Backups - Much faster on Linux now, much better handling for executables.
  • File Manager - Copy/paste works as expected if you right click in an empty directory.
  • Instance Manager - Stronger warning when rebinding ADS that this will break things. Also implemented colouring for logs.
  • Minecraft - Plugin Search now handles multiple pages of results properly same as plugin categories.
  • Minecraft - Updated log normalisers for Bedrock. Fixes all kinds of issues.
  • Updated configurations for Valheim and Don’t Starve Together.

Special Notes: CPX2

To upgrade an existing ARM system to CPX2 run:

bash <(wget -qO- upgradeCPX

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Ty nice work appreciate all the work you put in to bring in new games and made amp more beginner friendly.


I am not sure what makes it to patch notes and I don’t see this listed, but I did look in the source and scan my sites and saw the change. Thanks for updating jQuery and Knockout to maintain site security.

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