AMP 'Triton' Release Notes

AMP ‘Triton’ Release Notes

This is an interim release to address some highly requested issues before the next main release.

  • [7d2d] - Add new settings for region/language.
  • [Core] - Changed how AMP reports memory usage by default.
  • [Core] - Fixed schedule trigger editing.
  • [File Manager] - Implement IP bans with honeypot option.
  • [Firewall Sync] - Handles situation where UFW is installed but disabled and falls back to next available option.
  • [Generic] - Add ‘DeleteAfterExtract’ field to update sources.
  • [GetAMP] - Install-in-progress check for RPM based systems and disable install on Ubuntu 16.04.
  • [Minecraft] - Implement Fabric installation/updating.
  • [Minecraft] - Preserve files for Bedrock updates.
  • [SteamCMD Plugin] - Force login for workshop downloads even if the main game doesn’t require it.

AMP ‘Triton’ Release Notes

This release is largely a bugfix release with no appreciable new features or changes.

AMP Core

  • Fixed a scheduler bug that could cause triggers to be wired twice, giving the effect of triggers seeming to keep fire after deleted until AMP is restarted.
  • Fixed handling of Lists in the Generic module that caused AMPs internal representation of setting values to be incorrect until AMP is restarted.
  • Fixed KO/JQ refernces in API browser.
  • Fixed process metrics gathering. Swap usage is now correctly reported.
  • Fixed display of timestamps in a number of locations.
  • Improved Scheduler logging.
  • Started phasing out use of jQuery for trivial tasks.

Instance Manager Plugin

  • Tollerate “NETWORK SERVICE” user having different names in different locales on Windows.
  • Better fault tollerance on service startup.
  • Better fault tollerance in service permissions configuration. Fixes all kinds of “AMP won’t start as a service” on Windows issues.

Other Changes

  • [Generic] Tollerate chat messages where the user doesn’t exist.
  • [SRCDS] Try and accomodate binding for SRCDS.
  • [Minecraft] Restored Plugin Browser functionality.
  • Misc - Refreshed generic application configs from community contributions on GitHub.
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