Amp server running on linux server, unable to access web gui

Just need any starter troubleshooting assistance, i also can’t seem to find a way to even start amp from the command line so that would be helpful as well.

It was working before now but all of the sudden stopped for some reason

Actions taken to resolve so far:

  1. trying reset password
  2. restarting all instances
  3. reboot server
  4. restart all AMP services

ampinstmgr status will show if it thinks it’s running. ampinstmgr -s ADS01 will start the main instance.

You’ll need to do it under the amp user:
sudo su -l amp

Thank you for taking the time to help! , And i was in the last photo. But it still throws up the errors because i can’t sudo while under the amp user

Ahh sorry, didn’t see that on my phone. Strange. This is a new error for me. Try running ampinstmgr repair

this is admin , and amp user.
I’m even fine with a reinstall, i just don’t know where the server files are located which i wanna try to maintain.


Don’t use sudo for commands as amp. Did you install amp after doing sudo su -l?

I just did the normal install on the website, and it worked perfectly up until like a day or two ago I stopped being able to access the web interface. And yes after sudo su -l

Hmm try a ampinstmgr fixperms.

same unfortunately :frowning:

I have no idea at this point. That’s a strange error. Maybe Mike can help?

are you directly connecting via the amp user or via sudo su -l amp

Amp user i believe, is that doing it wrong?

No that’s right. This would be something for @Mike

So is this something like super out there and not common?

I mean I haven’t seen the error before and if I have, I don’t remember it. >︿<

thank you for the help none the less :frowning:

You can’t run fixperms as the amp user, need to be root

I’d also run as root systemctl restart ampinstmgr