Amp Server Instances and Docker Containers along with installing Portainer

Ive installed AMP on a Fedora Linux 39 server. Its working great, im very happy with it. When i have a server running, it shows up under my installation of docker engine. Im interested in moving most of my software to docker containers on my server. Its mainly for media, i run a Jellyfin server, and for game servers, which i now use AMP. Im thinking on installing other home server software using containers.

I understand that AMP isnt meant to run in docker container, i dont want that. However, im interested in installing Portainer. Will installing Portainer interfere in some way with my AMP server instances? Im assuming i need to not use Portainer to manage them in any way. Portainer install states to use ports 8000 and 9000. I will just not use Portainer if there is a risk with interfering with my AMP gamer servers. Thank you in advance for your assistance and guidance.