AMP Satisfactory Savegame location

Hello AMP Community,

I have an AMP server with a Satisfactory AMP instance and I am trying to find out where is the location on the linux server running AMP of the save game files.
If you can provide any pointer that would be great.


I cannot seem to find that path:

You can’t access it from within AMPs file manager, as the game doesn’t allow AMP to change where the data is stored.

I am really missing something …

Is AMP set up to use Docker mode?

Hello Mike. Yes, it is configured to use docker mode. Thanks.

In that case you need to go into the instances datastore directory, and you’ll find a hidden directory called .virtualhome which will contain the games data.

Thanks for the tip.
For future reference with AMP configured with docker and AMP installed in /home/amp the savegames can be found at: