AMP Refuses to update to 2.4.3 from 2.4.2

OS Name/Version: Windows 10 base

Product Name/Version: AMP 2.4.2/2.4.3

Problem Description: AMP will not update to 2.4.3 and will even state that it is 2.4.3, when it is not. When attempting to Update with the update button within AMP, it will flash a loading screen stating that it is attempting to download packets, but disappears and returns to the instances page. restarting the program here, nor windows here does not help.

if i attempt to update through the ADS, it will begin to update, halt, and stop giving information. after this i can no longer open ADS, only AMP will be accessible, but broken. restarting here does not help either.

If i attempt to update through windows command prompt, it will state it has updated, but will not. it states that it is running 2.4.3 just as ADS, but is not.

If i attempt to use repair through the installer, nothing is changed, restarting does not help.

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this is the only console response from AMP when requesting an update
image 1

the Instance Manager lists AMP as running 2.4.3, however the program is running 2.4.2
image 3

AMP after attempting to update through ADS
image 4

AMP after restarting windows and any restart method
image 2

Steps to reproduce:
i am unsure of how this could be reproduced, i am sorry

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3

Actions taken to resolve so far:i tried to update through AMP, ADS, CMD, and Repair via installer.

Do this on the command prompt:

ampinstmgr --nocache upgradeall

trying this has led to the same results as before. a blank AMP screen with no login, and if i restart it just goes back to 2.4.2.

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