AMP randomly stops/crashes

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OS Name/Version: Ubuntu Server 22.04

Product Name/Version: AMP Instance Manager v2.4.1.2 built 21/12/2022 17:55

Problem Description:

AMP randomly stops ([Log output -](Log output of the stop)
Cannot restart amp tried with ampinstmgr -b and similar commands. Resulting in a crash:

I need to reboot the server multiple times, to get amp running again.

Steps to reproduce:


Steps to reproduce error message:

Step 1: Wait for AMP to stop
Step 2: Restart AMP Service with ampinstmgr -b

Actions taken to resolve so far:

SIGUSR1 means something deliberately stopped AMP (which triggered AMP to shut down gracefully, not crash), what else is installed on the system?

Nothing, its a freshly installed server, primarily to run Minecraft with AMP. I dont know what causes it to shutdown.
Minecraft was creating a high pressure on the server, so it could explain the shutdown. But it doesnt explain (at least for me), the reason why the restart doesnt work.

Check dmesg, is the OOM killer in effect?

I try to replicate the problem to check the dmesg output.
But yes it looks like it was killed because of memory space (i disabled the swap file).
In either case, it will work for me, as its currently just to test if everything works, before i buy new components.

Im just still questioning, why i get the error when i try to restart the instance?

That’s a more interesting question - do you have any pending package updates?

I achieved to reproduce the problem. It is indeed killed because the system ran out of memory.

Ive did a system update and now it cleanly restarted. For my defense, i didnt thought of that, as i did an update/upgrade just two days ago.

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