AMP is not for me. Gave it a try, found it too cumbersome. Can I get a refund?

I’ve been trying to give AMP some love from the moment I bought the license, but after mingling and mangling with single setup, multi setup, on a single super-charged VPS (I control the infra that provisions the VPS), two separate VPSs, asking in Discord from the get-go, pestering Daniel and having an occasional response form Mike and others, I found it really difficult, cryptic, and complicated to deal with.
My goal was to migrate all my servers from somewhere-else-pterodactyl into a fresh new AMP multi-server setup, but having Waterfall-geyser-floodgate on one server while connecting to the main (private) Purpur dual lobby-SMP instance was a no-go literally, because of my absolute newbieness, and lack of time to fiddle with AMP. The many things I have to get up to speed to in order to properly become a satisfied user are way beyond my current needs. So, seeing that I even threw the setup away, and moved on…

Is there a chance to get a refund?

AMP is generally not refundable once activated (see: AMP Terms of Sale) - if you’re finding something difficult I suggest opening some posts here describing what the issue(s) are. If you’ve got existing Minecraft servers for example, it’s very easy to import an existing server complete with configuration.

Thank you for the response, Mike. I’ve been told about the policy in the Discord, as well as reading the Terms of Sale, and I’ve given my best to try and make things work, but it’s not for me. Regardless, I have no time for ‘trying’, so if a refund is not possible, by any means, the license will end up archived and possibly forgotten (not the first time).
Anyway, the post was more to give it some closure, see if it could be refunded, and simply move on.

Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish.

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