AMP ‘Halimede’ 2.4.1 Release Notes

2.4.1 is a fairly major update. Not so much in the way of new features, but a massive number of fixes and QoL improvements. Notable are improvements to the Generic module including improved BattleEye support and better Sleep support.

This is going to be the last update of the year before we sign off for the holidays, so we’ll wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :slight_smile:

AMP Core

  • Settings that require AMP to be restarted now prompt you to restart the instance when changed.
  • Encrpyted settings have a new option to ‘blank out’ if a decryption failure occurs rather than having the cyphertext garbage value. Fixes a handful of bad configuration issues such as the SteamCMD Beta password having a nonsense value and causing update failures.
  • Logs no longer contain the licence holder name.
  • Addressed some issues with the licencing system that caused unintentional deactivation based on network configuration changes.
  • Added a configurable base URL on targets to help manage addresses. Allows for the host presented to the user to differ from what AMP knows it to be internally.
  • Fixed not being able to revoke more-specific permissions in shared roles while a wildcard exists above it (doing so revoked the entire thing)
  • Docker container now uses host GID as well as UID

Generic Module

  • Fixed missing implementation for RCONDelaySettings which is required to make the BERCON client behave properly.
  • Implemented one-shot update sources (Via “OneShot”: true on an update stage) which delete themselves after a successful update. Used for stages that only ever need doing once.
  • Implemented ‘PreStartStages’ - these function identically to update stages and take the exact same data, but run every time the server is about to start.
  • Fixed NRE when waking from sleep.
  • Allow sleep to be initated from a cold start if Steam Query isn’t required.
  • Log Why the server was woken up from sleep.
  • RCON Remote admin password is now exposed to UI, as are new settings to control the generation of random passwords.
  • Added an ‘ExtraSetupStepsURI’ setting to allow the user to be directed to documentation on extra steps that need performing manually to set the application up.

ADS Module

  • Implemented the “Not Supported” container policy reason.
  • Fixed a bug where new users weren’t being assigned to created instances for template deployment if single user mode was disabled.
  • Significantly improved startup time by making initial fitness check async.
  • Permissions node cache is properly invalidated when instances are created/destroyed so it’s not necessary to restart/refresh ADS to assign permissions to newly created instances.
  • Added a new permission that allows the managing of suspended instances.
  • Fixed not beinga ble to update the URL of remote taragets while the controller is running, a restart is no longer required for these changes to take effect.
  • Implemented datastore repairs via web interface.
  • Fixed a bug that that made the datastore interface unusable.
  • Expanded list of acceptable characters in JSONInclude for templates.

Minecraft Module

  • Expand list of importable settings.
  • Added the “spark tps” command for Paper.

File Manager

  • No longer shows the ‘Configure S3’ link if the user doesn’t have permission to enable S3 storage.