AMP Exit Code Details

Code Meaning
-1 Catastrophic Failure
0 Unspecified / Configuration Only / Normal Exit
16 No Module
17 Module Init Failed
32 No Licence
48 Platform Unsupported By Application
49 Environment Not 64Bit (Not in use)
50 OS Outdated
64 Missing Proc FS
65 Missing Prerequisite
80 Cannot run as root/admin
81 Root/admin required
85 User identity mismatch
144 Update Requested
146 Mandatory Update
256 Restart Requested
2457 Emergency Shutdown
65537 Insufficient Arguments

GetAMP exit codes

Code Meaning
1 Supplied function parameter does not exist.
10 Unsupported distribution (neither apt nor yum are present)
11 Failed to add new ‘amp’ system user.
12 Failed to install ampinstmgr.
19 Failed to configure nginx.
20 No OS info available, missing /etc/os-release
30 Non UTF-8 system locale
40 Root access required
50 Confirmation password for system password did not match
60 No AMP login user password was supplied
64 Unsupported architecture. AMD64/x86_64 and Aarch64 only
65 Unsupported aarch64 distribution (Ubuntu only)
70 System user and AMP panel passwords are the same (they must be different)
80 Confirmation password for panel password did not match
90 Apache is installed but user selected HTTPS which uses nginx
91 User specified HTTPS but didn’t supply a domain.
100 Supplied domain does not resolve to external IP of the server.
110 Failed to create ADS instance via ampinstmgr.
120 /tmp has noexec flag set.
130 useradd could not be found.
131 The system package manager is not available due a lock. Other installations are in progress.
132 tput could not be found.
135 AMP already appears to be fully installed and configured.