AMP: Error occurred during initialization of VM

OS Name/Version: Windows 11

Product Name/Version: Minecraft / V: 1.20.1

Problem Description:
The Minecraft server stopped within 5 seconds of starting, this is not a fault with AMP - you should check your Minecraft servers log files to find out why it is unable to start.

it worked fine for me without any issue yesterday…
i turned off the pc and changed nothing and well now this…
Ofcourse i did upload a plugin Upgradeablehoppers but i dont think a plagin is the cause?..

[(3x backticks for blocks, 1x backtick for a single line) to help make posts readable. This also
provides syntax highlighting.] Amp Logs: (AMP log -

Steps to reproduce:

 * Step 1: startup pc, run AMP Application manager
 * Step 2: run server
 * Step 3: Ye i know its normal to do this but somehow i managed...

Actions taken to resolve so far: 
Re-download java and adoptium (latest)
Restart pc, Turn Internet on/off, Redownload paper's: Server.jar
Make sure paper is up to date.
Check drivers out dated.

Easy way to tell if it is the plugin: remove it and see if it makes a difference

Also explain how you uploaded the plugin - via AMP or SFTP or some other way? If another way, file perms will be broken

I upload te plugins by Drag & Drop, And if that did not work SFTP
Yet is a plugin really able to cause this error?

Can you show us your Server Type, Version and jar settings? Also press update inside the instance to download the paper jar

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