AMP documentation is moving from Github to Discourse

Announcing our new knowledge base!

We’re in the process of migrating AMP documentation away from GitHub and over to a new knowledge base built right into these support boards.

You can access this via the new “Knowledge Base” article at the top of the page.

Why are we making this change?

While Github is an excellent platform for developers, for regular users it’s not the best place to be sending people. It can be a bit overwhelming, and for users who just want access to documentation and information about AMP it’s not really necessary.

This will also reduce confusion about where users should be going for help, making this support board the one-stop answer for any queries or questions people have.

Users will also be able to search in just one place to find both posts from other users (with more specific situations) as well as formal documentation. It will also make it easier to integrate the knowledge base into other applications to improve it’s accessibility and discoverability.

What happens to GitHub?

The Wiki on GitHub will change to include fewer articles that are intended for regular end users, while keeping articles intended for developers, theme designers and configuration builders. That way GitHub becomes the hub for “I’m building stuff with AMP” and the support board is the place to go for “I’m using AMP and need help”.