AMP 'Decadeus' 2.4.8 Release Notes

AMP ‘Decadeus’ 2.4.8 Release Notes

!!!Breaking Changes!!!

  • WHMCS module will need updated in tandem with AMP - You will also need to reconfigure your products due to the change to remove “Everytime” and adjustments to the values in the “Post Create Action” drop-down

  • API requests to ADSModule/DeployTemplate now uses the following values for the PostCreate:

0: Do Nothing
1: Update Once
2: Update Always
3: Update and Start Once
4: Update and Start Always
5: Start Always

AMP Core Enhancements

  • Removed logging for migrated permissions when there are none
  • Tolerate missing dependencies list in LIM
  • Updated permissions for ADS UI
  • Tweak CPU topology check to take threads-per-core into account
  • Speed up Login calls by processing token comparisons in parallel
  • Instances now always start on creation
  • Instance Post Create Actions are honored inside the instance
  • Fix Update and Start running too quickly which caused the tasks to overlap
  • Fix Callback functionality to explicitly add “Accept” header of text/html
  • Remove unneeded setting category for File Manager (no visible change)

GetAMP Changes

  • Fix -setpass and -setpassbase64
  • Add option to skip locale check
  • Fix arch check with fallback
  • installDocker command is aware when used on wrong platform

Minecraft Changes

  • Cater to new Bedrock and modded Minecraft user join messages
  • Fix sleeping in 1.20.3+ due to new protocol version
  • Convert version checking to parallel tasks
  • Convert FTB (new source) modpack checking to parallel tasks

Other Changes

  • [Generic] Add additional IPv4 resolvers to handle failure conditions and check for IP sooner in startup
  • [Generic] Removed the following settings from instance refreshes:
  • [Generic] Fix instance refreshes when running in Docker
  • [FiveM] Fix startup flags if path contains a space
  • [FiveM] Initiate UDP Logger earlier to ensure full console output

Patch 20240124.2

  • Fix to revert the callback functionality to resolve issues after the first callback is made
  • Speed up Webauthn logins as a parallel task
  • Add garbage filtering in steps in tickets

Patch 20240129.1

  • Fix Match ADS Version for enterprise customers - AMP will honor the setting and use a local copy of the build if available
  • Workaround for Proxmox showing 0 threads - Will default to 1 thread per core
  • Disable paging in Docker instances (currently was unlimited) - Future release will include configurable option