AMP 'Decadeus' 2.4.7 Release Notes

AMP ‘Decadeus’ 2.4.7 Release Notes

AMP Core Enhancements

  • Add Sqlite-net to resolve benign error running ampinstmgr commands.
  • Fix service setup to have correct dependencies.
  • Many improvements to LDAP authentication methods.
  • Prevent a user from activating with a developer key during first time setup.
  • Additional login failure logging.
  • Minor style changes.
  • Added User Password option and provide option for it to behave like RandomPassword (enabled by default).
  • Add “Preview” release stream for Pro and above. “Development” release stream for Advanced and above. Preview will be supported for bug fixes. Development is actively changing and is not suggested for use to get access to features early unless working on development for those specific features.
  • Adjust CPU core detection on Proxmox hosts.
  • Fix URL for SFTP if the username contains a “#”.
  • AMP now detects vCPUs assigned to an instance when running in a Docker container.
  • Add toggle to show/hide dev information in AMP. Currently will show the full setting details.
  • Fix logging source names.
  • Added setting for Enhanced License Reporting.
  • Fixed uploading of 0-length files in File Manager.
  • Security: Fixed a bug where API calls could be executed anonymously, and may have a random user context associated with them. (CVE-2024-22090)

Generic Module Changes

  • Fix “application” typo in app startup failure message.
  • Experimental config importing. Currently supports INI, KVP, JSON, and XML. Requires AutoMap and Importable set to True by template creator.
  • UDPLogger added to allow for SRCDS and HLDS logaddress_add command to function in Generic.
  • Added UpdateSourceExtra update stage parameter. Currently used for app 90 (HLDS) to allow specifying the mod name to install.
  • Combine Refresh Configuration with instance Update in the UI to avoid discrepancies.
  • IgnoreSTDOUTAfterRCON now waits for RegexMatch start up mode.
  • Added ForceIPBinding for applications that must be set to an IP rather than or
  • Updated method for child process monitoring. Wine 8 no longer starts the game server as a child, as such the templates will need updated to the command called by wine.
  • Deprecated App.MonitorChildProcess and App.MonitorChildProcessWaitMS. This has been automated.
  • Added the Application IP Binding to the Security and Privacy tab. IPv6 can also be set inside the instance for templates that support it using the SupportsIPv6 setting. No need to restart the instance to take effect.
  • Add color to Extra Steps and Docker Required messages on instance creation screen.
  • Fix logic for Docker Required so it properly prevents creating instances.
  • Fix Meta.ExtraContainerPackages. It requires a Docker image upgrade to function. New format is Meta.ExtraContainerPackages=app1 app2 app3. Edit - This change was reverted due to issues updating. Will revisit for the next update.

Other Changes

  • [IM] Significantly sped up UpgradeAll when using docker images.
  • [Minecraft] Added multiple methods to obtain Minecraft Bedrock version info.
  • [Minecraft] Add support for Forge 1.20.3+ due to now using a JAR again.
  • [Scheduler] SteamCMD update check now uses primarily and SteamCMD application as fallback.
  • [Scheduler] SteamCMD update check takes into account the branch.
  • [API] Removal of .return in many areas to streamline responses. This is a breaking API change that will require plugins/bots to be updated to function properly. Gatekeeper (k8thekat), Discord Bot (winglessraven), and ThePotatoKing’s multiple language API repo are all being worked on or have updates available.
  • [API] Updated spec generation to better handle ReturnTypeName based on source assembly.
  • [GetAMP] GetAMP can cope with missing “arch” binary and uses “uname -m” instead.
  • [AMP Instance Manager] Perform stop/start in batch for upgradeall
  • [AMP Instance Manager] Speed up upgradeall by not re-updating containers needlessly
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Patch 20240109.1

  • We are researching a report that the fix for CVE-2024-22090 was unsuccessful. We’ve added a workaround that will prevent users from accessing the Active Sessions tab to prevent the issue completely. We will continue working diligently to determine the root cause. This fix adds a new permission node of AMPCore->User Management->View Active Sessions which determines if a user can access the tab. This prevents users from being able to view other users’ sessions as well as through an API call.