AMP ‘Decadeus’ 2.4.5 Release Notes

AMP 2.4.5 ships with our brand new release system. This will help us to streamline updates, and give users more control over their AMP installations.

Please take a moment to review the key changes to the release system as existing installations will be affected by this change.

Important Notice

It is critical that you update the AMP instance manager command line tools as part of this update.

Linux users can update ampinstmgr as normal using their package manager. Windows users will need to fetch a fresh copy of AMPSetup.msi and re-install the command-line tools.

Release Notes

New Feature - Assistance Button

This new button on the Status page is designed to encourage new users in particular to seek help whenever something isn’t working right. It’ll ask you a few basic questions about what the problem is, then automatically create a post on the support board, including relevant information from the Support tab. There is a setting to hide this button if it’s unwanted.

Tier Change - Templates in Network Standard

AMP Network Standard now has access to instance templates. But it does not have access to the callback to notify external tools of the new instance.

Tier Change - Version matching in Network Edition

Previously, version matching was only permitted in AMP Enterprise edition. Now all tiers of Network Edition get this feature too so you don’t have to do mass upgrades to create a new instance when a new AMP release comes out.

Changed Feature - Updated release management

As mentioned above, we’ve moved to a new release system. There are now just 3 streams: Mainline, Development and LTS. Instances will automatically be moved to the newer streams as appropriate. See this thread for more information.

Other Changes

  • Fixed incorrect behaviour in UI when managing instances with a version mismatch.
  • Fixed Generic module not warning the user visually if a prerequisite is missing when starting the application (such as Wine)
  • ADS warns if ampinstmgr is out-of-date.
  • Trivial processes (such as ps) no longer show as the most recently started process under the support tab (They’re still logged though in debug mode)
  • Fixed a race condition in Docker management that cause inconsistent instance state.
  • ampinstmgr no longer vomits over the log when a dependency isn’t resolved for calculating provisioning arguments (because it’s not important)
  • New instance defaults can now have empty values for settings.
  • Match Version now works outside of ADS and is instance specific. ampinstmgr will automatically version match against the ADS version if required.
  • Errors refreshing templates from Git are now exposed to the UI.
  • Fixed duplicated Minecraft setting causing Sync Chunk Writes to have the wrong value.
  • Added more Minecraft settings and updated import spec to accomodate.
  • Fixed a bad path issue in FiveM that made it not start correctly on Linux. Release Notes

  • Update system now accomodates both Updates (new version number) and Patches (same version number, different build number) - and notifies the user accordingly.
  • Fixed some issues with locating assemblies that were causing (harmless) errors during certain provisioning tasks.
  • Fixed missing plugin metadata for ampinstmgr on Linux.
  • Updated GetAMP to accomodate Alma
  • Fixed a potential NRE in GetModuleInfo which would cause instances to become inaccessible.
  • Fixed ADS not loading its interface if some instances/targets were not running or newer.
  • FIxed Minecraft imports (and other plugin-specific FM operations) not working.
  • Added extra logging for activation failures that aren’t from network issues.
  • Windows GUI has more failovers for issues trying to open a browser.

Patch 20230709.1

  • Add -logfile - to standard Rust module.
  • Add “Copy to clipboard” for support info in Support tab.
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Patch 20230713.1

  • Tweak to stop timeout handling for Minecraft (plus more logging).
  • Made ‘update available’ notice more subtle for patch-only releases.
  • Hide blank ‘generic’ app behind deprecated flag (since only devs use it).
  • Backup provider gives an error if you try to do an invalid backup because of a backupExclude file.
  • Added handling for error code 137 in Rust and Generic (usually means killed by OS for high memory usage).
  • Address docker instance name collision when re-configuring existing instances.
  • Explicitly use UTF8 output for AMPs own log.
  • Add Enable LAN Visibility setting for bedrock so its in the UI.

Patch 20230714.1

  • Update licencing client with new hash generation method.
  • GetAMP doesn’t need to use sudo since it’s already running as root.
  • Tweak ‘show release notes’ button to show the top level post for updates, and the bottom level for patches.