AMP ‘Decadeus’ 2.4.4 Release Notes

AMP Release Highlights

This release mostly consists of bugfixes and tweaks, but there are a couple of nice QoL improvements too.

The most notable changes in this update are:

  • Network Edition now gets access to the templating feature (albeit without callbacks)
  • Much faster instance management, the delay between double clicking an instance and being at its screen is much shorter now.
  • Fixed RCON/passthru mode

After this update, we’re taking a bit of a pause to work on some infrastructure changes to support features we want to include in future updates such as regional mirrors, the ability to pick which AMP version you want to use, and other changes to the release process moving forward.

Full Release Notes

  • Updated licence allowances so that Network Standard has access to templating.
  • Updated FiveM Download URLs for Linux (Again)
  • Updated Functionality: Running ampinstmgr shell INSTANCENAME now gives you a bash shell inside the container. Great for developers and diagnostics.
  • Updated naming of RCON Passthru Mode to avoid confusion - it’s now called Console Passthru
  • Updated Git configuration on first-time configuration fetch in ADS (Avoids a warning from git with each pull)
  • Updated regex for player join in srcds for situations where the player IP/port is missing.
  • Updated GetAMP to support VMware Photon OS
  • Updated Status page to show a “View connection details” button even when the server is not running (Functions similarly to the Connect to Server button)
  • Updated instance management process to feel significantly faster.
  • Fixed Create Instance wizard not correctly assessing compatibility.
  • Fixed RCON/Console passthru (whatever you want to now call the ability to connect an RCON console to AMP) not working with the modern authentication setup.
  • Fixed file manager not honouring chunk sizes. Fixes all FM functionality.
  • Fixed post-create actions not working when creating new instances.
  • Fixed instances deactivating themselves immediately on start (only for ADS to then recover it).
  • Fixed instances crashing when they are legitimately deactivated instead of telling the user why.
  • Fixed SFTP transfers showing as “API Mode” in the logs.
  • Fixed variables like $$ContainerMemoryMB not warning you if you give them an invalid value.
  • Fixed configuring remote instances causing an endless notification.
  • Fixed running tasks not ending automatically when follow-on tasks end.
  • Fixed docker instances not being properly re-queried during initial setup (It is not appropriate to cache their state when performing rapid changes…)
  • Fixed visibility of more elements within AMP that users don’t have permission to use.
  • Fixed usage of new Deploy Template UI
  • Fixed issue where AMP would stall or get stuck if a tmux session failed to stop properly. AIM can now more aggressively stop these sessions if needed.
  • Fixed ADS using wrong callback types for failures when a failure happens at the very last stage.
  • Fixed provisioning requirements not being resolved for plugins that are dependencies of modules. (Fixes issue of RCON passthru port not being assigned)
  • Fixed localisation init (This is still a WIP for contributors, broader rollout will happen a bit later)
  • Fixed not being able to manage a targets ADS instance from a controller using the ‘manage’ link at the top.
  • Fixed ADS not providing proper error information about why it wasn’t possible to manage a remote instance if there’s a good reason for it.
  • Fixed SupportURL and SupportTitle not being properly preserved when converting between different return types.