Amp - V Rising - Application State: Preparing to start

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 20.04

Product Name/Version: AMP

Problem Description: Attempting to start a V Rising instance, gets stuck at Application State: Preparing to start … absolutely nothing in the console at all. If I click update, console shows downloading of the update and all that, but nothing when I click start. Sits that way forever.

Steps to reproduce:

Step 1: Fresh install, created 1st instance, chose ‘V Rising’.
Step 2: Clicked Manage
Step 3: Clicked Start

Actions taken to resolve so far: Updated AMP, Forced update of V Rising, Rebooted Server, all resulted in no change.

Did you use the Docker option? V Rising has a lot of extra dependencies so it won’t work outside of Docker without installing a load of extra stuff.

I have not, nor do I have docker setup on this machine. I will try that next, I do see the notice on the modal lol … I may have overlooked this prior. Haha

Check out the knowledge base article for how to set up Docker, the install script can install it for you and update AMPs configuration to match.

Followed the instructions, the container refuses to start, cant manage it to view logs because its not running… nothing really in the logs. :confused: Starting to wonder if V Rising actually works at all with AMP.

V Rising works fine in AMP. What do the top level logs say? You can see them in the console of your ADS instance.

I’m assuming you had the script install docker for you rather than trying to do it yourself of course.

Yeah used the script, appreciate the heads up on that! So it seems to try to start then die. Lemme share what the top level console shows…

Starting the instance:

15:14:05 8700d51383df87b5a2bdd0c5c63d3e92e5c4fbaadec3d5d0977b0cb001ce0d17
15:14:06 Managed remote instance Testing01 at
Authentication token for root requested by ManageInstance on behalf of root

Give it a good 10 seconds and then the ui shows the instance is not running…

Even tried updating container:

15:06:31 Upgrading instance Testing01
Using cached archive: /home/amp/.ampdata/instances/
15:06:33 wine: Pulling from cubecoders/ampbase
Digest: sha256:b5158a434a6b8b5af2cfe6f76b5fecbb5cd093948e23805c267f87c879b17d5f
Status: Image is up to date for cubecoders/ampbase:wine
15:06:34 Slow method invocation: UpgradeInstance took 2860ms to complete.
Slow response: ADSModule.UpgradeInstance took 2861ms to complete.

Looking through the AMP log file at the moment, socket error address already in use, but I only have the one container.

Can you give me a sanity check and reboot?

Rebooting got farther, the container is running i assume, but Application State shows Stopped. Looking in console, I press Start and I get this:

wine: created the configuration directory ‘/home/amp/.wine’
wine: cannot find ‘./VRisingServer.exe’

Attempting an update and will try again…

Have you clicked Update? You need to install the server before starting it

Updating, then clicking start, and waiting a few moments, did the trick! Thank you!

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