AMP "Triton" - Dead MCMyAdmin minecraft instance. (figured it out)

OS Name/Version: Windows 10 21H2, hosted on a VM (6cores 20gig ram). Windows 2019 hyper-v host.

Product Name/Version: AMP Triton

Problem Description: unable to connect to instance. a big hint to my mind, is the “endpoint” address is listed as

Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1
    have an operating working and happy “pre-triton” AMP setup
  • Step 2
    have an “update” released that means AMP won’t run any instances untill it’s updated.
  • Step 3
    try your damnest to actually get the update to install
  • Step 4
    repeatedly punch yourself in the face while your kids and their friends ask why they can’t play minecraft together.

Actions taken to resolve so far:
switched all instances out of being a “deamon hosted service”, so now at least they start.
used the “rebind” function in the ampinstmgr command to try to see if that does anything.
checked windows firewall, and network privacy settings. am unable to connect to the instance.
re-installed AMP. again.
ampinstmgr updateall
ampinstmgr rebind
modified the ampconfig file

so i can get the AMP web front end up and running, and apparently run my minecraft instance… but i can’t connect to that…

figured it. ok here we go.
in the instance folder, open the ampconfig.conf.
the rebind changed the webserver port from to the actual IP of the VM.
the "login.authserverURL=http://:8080 was also and the port should have been 8082, and the IP should have been the machines IP.
also set the line AMP.PrimaryEndpoint= to the machines correct IP… the port was correct at least.

…i’ve burnt too much of my, and my families time on this. and i’m not happy. Effecctively it seems that the update wiped out all of my IP settings with a load of assumed IP information.
Mainly seems as though it’s setting itself up in an assumed guess that you run the web dashboard display actually on the system hosting the game.

I apologies if i come across as rude or ungratefull. But that’s a minor side effect of me actually being very tired and very grumpy from another late night spent being frustrated and annoyed by this. Again. Funnily enough, after another “AMP update”. but i can now run this darn game server again.

i just hope this info might be of use to someone else out there… short version. the update screws your config files. the end.

This isn’t a common issue and based on the settings it sounds like it may have been misconfigured from the start. just means that it will accept connections on all IP’s. is localhost. So if running in standalone that’s expected. Only the ADS instance should be a service. The rest should not be and should be created using ADS through the GUI.