AMP upgrade issue: You cannot start instances you do not own as a non-root user

OS Name/Version: Windows 10 / 20H2

Product Name/Version: AMP /

Problem Description:

After upgraden instances to i cant start any one. It just says the folloing message when i try to start an AMP Instance from main AMP Instance:

  • Console:
    “You cannot start instances you do not own as a non-root user. You are SERVER$ and this instance belongs to NETWORK SERVICE.
    Do not attempt to change the owner of an instance, this will damage your installation. Switch to the correct user and try again.
    ADS is installed as a service, and as such only ADS may start/stop other instances.”

  • PopUp:


  • I have an user named SERVER in my system, but im not logged in as SERVER user, but system name is actually SERVER. The user i use is called AMP, this user is exclusive for managing AMP instances.

  • AMP is installed as a Service, and it is configured to start as “Servicio de red” user

  • System language is Spanish

Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1: Just update all AMP instances running command “ampinstmgr UpgradeAllInstances”
  • Step 2: Start AMP Service
  • Step 3: Try tu start another instance of AMP from AMP Instance manager Panel

Actions taken to resolve so far:

Tried to change between Users to Start AMP
Tried to changed the user that starts the Service
Create a new Instance, new instances works fine, but old instances keeps failing

Thanks you!

Edit your Instaces.json file while AMP is stopped and change all references of SERVER$ to NETWORK SERVICE

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I went into Instances.json but it has no references of “SERVER$”. Instead, i realized that all instances had as user “NETWORK SERVICE” except one i created today while triying to fix the issue, this instance had as user “Servicio de red”. I replicated this user for all instances and now all instances works fine again.

Thanks for help^^