All instances show Starting after the 1st

OS Name/Version: WIN10 home

Product Name/Version:

Problem Description:

My first instance of bedrock server starts and works fine. Everything after that always shows “starting server”, although it works fine. When I go to console on those instances, things scroll by, but it always says NO LOGGING at the beginning, unlinke the 1st instance that works correctly. I’m sure I’m missing a setting somewhere, but I can’t find anything. I have deleted and rebuilt them, everything after 1 always shows starting. Any help appreciated, thank you!

_________ update

I thought maybe OS related, so I upgraded to Win 10 PRO. This does the same. I can start all instances, but every server after the first always shows “starting…” And console says NO LOG FILE. For the 3rd and 4th, I can also can’t access the server in the bedrock Minecraft game. It says “Outdated client, cannot access the server!”.
Maybe this helps someone?

Are there some amp logs somewhere that I could access that would help anyone?


Adding logs that were posted on discord:

Looks like some of the ports for the second and third are overlapping?