All instances show Starting after the 1st

OS Name/Version: WIN10 home

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Problem Description:

My first instance of bedrock server starts and works fine. Everything after that always shows “starting server”, although it works fine. When I go to console on those instances, things scroll by, but it always says NO LOGGING at the beginning, unlinke the 1st instance that works correctly. I’m sure I’m missing a setting somewhere, but I can’t find anything. I have deleted and rebuilt them, everything after 1 always shows starting. Any help appreciated, thank you!

_________ update

I thought maybe OS related, so I upgraded to Win 10 PRO. This does the same. I can start all instances, but every server after the first always shows “starting…” And console says NO LOG FILE. For the 3rd and 4th, I can also can’t access the server in the bedrock Minecraft game. It says “Outdated client, cannot access the server!”.
Maybe this helps someone?

Are there some amp logs somewhere that I could access that would help anyone?


Adding logs that were posted on discord:

Looks like some of the ports for the second and third are overlapping?

Have you got a solution for your problem?
I am trying to start several Minecraft server too but the second doesn’t start, just kepp “Starting server”. If I close the first server so the second one start but not the first one anymore.
It looks like this:
IPv4 supported, port: 19134
IPv6 supported, port: 19135
Server started.
IPv4 supported, port: 19132
IPv6 supported, port: 19133
Why does it starts on the right ports and then change back to 19132 and 19133?

Thanks for any help!

You really should start your own post. But sounds like you just need to do the same thing. Change the ports to be further apart for each instance. Bedrock uses more than Java and it’s not accounted for in AMP.

Thanks for your answer, sorry that I didn’t started my own post but as I had the same problem I thought he solved his problem and could tell me his solution. I will open my own post as I can’t get several Minecraft Bedrock server to start at the same time.