After Update: This ADS installation has been setup as a controller, which means it cannot create instances by itself. You must create a Target ADS instance and register it with this controller before creating

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish

Product Name/Version: AMP Decadeus

Problem Description:

I updated AMP because I was unable to open a newer instance. After updating, the standalone installation claims it’s a controller with no targets. Under the configuration menu, the only option I have is Active Sessions.

I’ve rebooted the server several times, updated ubuntu, fixed broken mirrors, updated ampinsmgr, and done several nocache upgradeall’s.

I found a similar issue on another post from January with multiple reports. However, in that case, a fix appeared to be to edit the roles permissions file to only include * for superuser. When viewing the json file in my case, the only permission present is *.

Please advise.

UPDATE: As an update to this, when going through the roles json file I saw/remembered that I had previously created a backup account, which after attempting to log in, appears to work. So the update has corrupted the main user. I assume I could run a script to recreate the user. However, the backup user I had created has enough permissions to operate for what I need for the moment. This is an older server that I will be fully decommissioning soon. Nonetheless, I think it’s important to be aware this bug can occur, particularly because the issue was with the user itself though the error seen makes it appear like it is an issue with the installation.

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