ADS Vanished on a server reboot

Earlier I needed to Reboot the VM that AMP was running under and when i did the system came back online but I was unable to hit the webpage.

This was a Linux installation running ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS
AMP Release “Decadeus”
v2.4.4, built 17/05/2023 17:54

The system was only running one Game at the time (Vrising) and it was running via a Docker Container.

Looking at the ampinstmgr i was able to determine that no instance was running or listed, I attempted to restart the instance and was told that no Instance Existed (Please note I had done nothing to this server today other than purchase a license for the Network license for AMP). Anyways after trying to get the system up, running and operational, it couldnt find a copy of the instance, so I ran the quickstart as i saw as an option to rebuild the system on the forums. This seems to have restored the Instance and i can connect to the ADS now, but the vrising server is missing. I need to see how i can rebridge that Instance into the system, and or find the data files so i can move them out, rebuild the instance and copy that back in, however Im not exactly sure where it was storing the container Data.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Did you Switch First to the amp User? sudo su - amp

The Amp User i believe was the issue, And i found the files after a bit of digging, just wierd everything starting acting crazy after the reboot. I am going to be moving data to another AMP server though, I am going to retire that box, is there a easy way to Export/Import into a different AMP server?

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