Adding Network Datastore with Existing Instances

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OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 22.04.1

Product Name/Version: (Always use the full version number - not ‘Latest’)

Problem Description:

First off - I am really glad we can use datastores now! Really great update! This makes backing everything up to the cloud using TrueNAS much easier in my opinion.

I created an NFS share in TrueNAS and copied all of my instances into it. After clean installing AMP in a fresh Ubuntu 22.04.1 Virtual Machine I tried to add this mounted share as a datastore, but AMP would not let me because it already contained files. I unmounted the directory so it would be empty and then added the datastore in AMP. I then remounted the directory to the NFS share so that it now contained my instances from a previous install. I tried running ampinstmgr --RepairDatastore but it said nothing was found. I am not sure it was looking at the network datastore even though I had given it the highest priority in AMP to make it the default. I ended up being able to use ampinstmgr --Attachinstance /var/AMPDatastore/instancename which did add each instance back into AMP.

Is this the expected behavior? Should AMP allow the adding of a datastore that already contains instances? Should the --RepairDatastore have worked? Is --AttachInstance a valid way for me to accomplish what I wanted?

The other issue I have is that I no longer have the little scroll arrows at the bottom of each tile in AMP that would allow me to see memory usage and number of players in each instance. I have looked at all the settings and I believe everything is the way I had it before. I now have to manage an instance in order to see the number of players attached. I am concerned this has something to do with how I added the instances back in to AMP.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Try to add datastore with existing instances
  • Trick AMP into adding the datastore and then re-add the instances afterwards
  • Try to use ampinstmgr --RepairDatastore to add instances to AMP
  • End up using ampinstmgr --Attachinstance /var/AMPDatastore/instancename
  • Instance Stats are missing from AMP tiles for each instance

Actions taken to resolve so far:

As it currently stands, you can only use datastores for brand new instances. There’s not yet the logic to actually move instances around.

Is this why I no longer see the stats? Should I just start over and make new instances? I don’t want to have problems because of the way I set them up.

I would set them up fresh, yes.

Setting up fresh fixed the issue with not being able to see number of players from the main tile screen. Thanks for the help!