Adding CubeCoders RPM repository... Failed to install instance manager. Aborting


I’ve tried to install AMP on Oracle Linux for a while now, and it keeps aborting when I get to the step of it saying:

Adding CubeCoders RPM repository…
Installing instance manager…

  • Installing via package manager…
    Failed to install instance manager. Aborting…

What can I do to have a succesful install?

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Oracle Linux isn’t supported (too old version of glibc) - if you’re using Oracle Cloud you need to use Ubuntu on their ARM64 systems.

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LetsEncrypt challenges require that ports 80 and 443 are accessible. Not only do they need to be open in the local firewall, but if you’re using a VPS provider with a separate firewall then ingress rules need to be added to allow those ports too.

Oracle also has extra iptables rules by default that may need removing.

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