Add entry in configmanifest.json for instance

So I have 1 config file that supports adding players to a VIP list
Problem is its not the only value in this file.
Is there a way to make it append a steamID64 for an example to an existing line.

Example config:

OnlyEpicLootItems: false
ItemMarketLimit: 15
MarketTaxes: 20
VIPplayersTaxes: 10
VIPplayersList: 25252959295295, 52959259295925925, 2592952959295295
CanTeleportWithOre: false
MarketSellBlockedPrefabs : Coins, SwordCheat, PortalMagicFluid, CryptKey, Wishbone, YagluthDrop, DragonTear, SledgeCheat, LinenThread, HeavyMetal, BlackMetal, SilverRing, LeatherBelt, GoldRubyRing, AxeBlackMetal,
FeedbackWebhookLink: AWEBHOOK
ServerCurrency: Coins
BankerIncomeTime: 4
BankerIncomeMultiplier: 0.010
MarketSlotExpirationTime: 168
BankerVIPIncomeMultiplier: 0.020
GamblerEnableWinNotifications: true
ServerCurrency: Coins
BankerIncomeTime: 1
BankerIncomeMultiplier: 0
BankerVIPIncomeMultiplier: 0
MarketSlotExpirationTime: 168
GamblerEnableWinNotifications: false

Basically when I add a steamID64 in the ADS I want it to append it to that line by adding a comma and a space in the end of the line then the SteamID64

Is this a custom generic instance?

Its for a modded valheim server. This is one of the config files from one of the mods we use.

So if iā€™m following this correctly. You have a modded valhiem instance and you want to add a configuration entry for the ADS?

Yes pretty much. So i can add custom config entrys for other configs for my staff team so they do not have to mess with the configs to much as they are not as tech-savy as me :stuck_out_tongue:

This is easy. You would just make a text input and the person typing would just put commas in between. They would type is exactly as you have it in the example on one line. You can use the following to hint them in the right direction as part of your configmanifest. It will place a greyed out entry in the input box.

"Placeholder":"1234567890, 1234567890, 1234567890"

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