Add a check if "arch" command is not found

OS Name/Version: Arch Linux

Product Name/Version: AMP

Problem Description: I was unable to update AMP with in-built ampinstmgr upgradeall or by running the bash <(wget -qO- installation script with/without the upgradeall argument.

The coreutils package in Arch Linux doesn’t install the arch command, and the script ignores any aliases set, i.e. alias arch='uname -m' in ~/.bashrc for the root user, which should give the same value.

Actions taken to resolve:

Had to manually run base64 -d and gzip -dcq to decode the file and change arch to uname -m then run it locally.

Probably a slip-up since I used this same method for installing AMP initially. It might be helpful to add a check if the command exists to prevent this though since it fails to install outright on Arch at the moment unless you make this change.

There’s actually a new version of the script in testing that has a fix for this in :slight_smile:

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