Active User fails to update on player disconnect

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 22.04

Product Name/Version: Minecraft Bedrock 1.22.04 - AMP v2.4.7 built 9/1/2024

Problem Description:
Players are able to join without issue. The active player count on the status page is increasing with each connect, however when players disconnect it is still registering as players are connected. The AMP console is seeing and reporting that players are connecting and disconnecting.

This isn’t a problem except that the server is still registering as players being online for some reason and the server is remaining active constantly. It is not going into sleep mode and hardware resources are being used when the sleep function should be activated.

Steps to reproduce:

Step 1: start ubuntu server 22.04
Step 2: start minecraft bedrock instance
Step 3: connect to the server with a player account
Step 4: disconnect
Step 5: Observer server time advancing, also No sleep/shutdown function triggering.

Actions taken to resolve so far: Restart the server to reset server active user count. Sleep/shutdown functions remain non-functional regardless of user count.

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